Social Forestry

Social Forestry and Environment

Social Forestry and Environment

Greening of environment is the priority of STAR. We have undertaken large-scale Social Forestry programme in the adjoining districts. A humble beginning was made in 1996-97 with a distribution of around 1.0 million seedlings amongst the farmers for planting on their farmland.

Since then, activities were accelerated and expanded with the encouraging participation and response of the farmers around 237 nurseries have been developed and 27 million seedling distributed amongest farmers during 2005-06 in adjoining eight districts viz. Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Meerut, J. P. Nagar, Moradabad, Hardwar and Dehradun.

As on date, around 146.6 million plants, raised from quality seeds obtained from Seed Orchards of Forest Research Institute,   Dehradun and UP Forest Department, have been distributed amongst the farmers.

We have thus contributed to green an area of around 43,983  Hectare. Our programme aims at raising of 30 million seedlings every year through Kisan Nurseries. Quality seed, insecticide, micronutrient, publicity material are supplied free of cost to the farmers.

In order to enthuse the farmers for planting, periodical seminars and gosthis are held at various places, where interaction with farmers helps solving their problems.

This year (2006-07), we are proposing establishment of Kisan Nurseries with target of 30 million plant distributions. All operations including raising and planting is done under the technical guidance of our experienced and technical personnel.

Apart from environmental improvement, our emphasis is to increase productivity of renewable wood resource to the benefit of the farmers. In order to increase the yield per unit area and time Clonal Technology Programme was started in the year 1996-97. For production of clonal plants company has developed necessary infrastructure like fully automatic greenhouses, hardening chambers etc. at Tapri near Saharanpur. There is plan to expand the capacity from 3 lakh clonal plant per annum to 64 lakh clonal plant per annum in next four to five year. 2 high yielding clones of  Eucalyptus have been developed which are in good demand. Their productivity is almost 2 times higher than ordinary seedling plantations.

Year of Plantation
No. of Nurseries
No. of Seedlings Distributed
(in Lacs)
Approximate Area under Green Cover (Hectare)
1996-1997 14 10 300
1997-1998 26 25 750
1998-1999 45 65 1950
1999-2000 85 80 2400
2000-2001 128 88 2640
2001-2002 158 121 3630
2002-2003 170 130 3900
2003-2004 164 150 4500
2004-2005 247 228 6827
2005-2006 237 270


2006-2007 (Proposed)

271 300 9000
Total 1466 43983


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