The Company is alive to its social responsibility and has taken various measures to discharge its obligations.

For the sustained availability of fibrous raw material, a massive "Social Forestry Programme" was initiated in the year 1996-97 with following objectives:
  • Plantations for green coverage and mitigation of environmental pollution.
  • Employment generation in rural areas and additional income to Farmers apart from their normal agricultural income.
  • Availability of good quality wood for the industry.

After great motivation and wide publicity, 10 lakhs saplings, raised in 14 Nurseries in and around Saharanpur (U.P.), were distributed in the year 1996-97 which has increased to 400 lakhs saplings by 2009-2010 covering about 70000 hectare land to date stretched in 7 districts of western Uttar Pradesh and 2 districts of Uttranchal. 

In order to increase the yield per unit area and time Star Paper Mills started Clonal Technology Programme  in the year 1996-97. For production of clonal plants company has developed necessary infrastructural like fully automatic green houses, hardening chambers etc. at Tapri near Saharanpur. There is plan to expand the capacity from 3 lakh clonal plant per annum to 64 lakh clonal plant per annum in next four to five year. 3 high yielding clones of  Eucalyptus have been developed which are in good demand. Their productivity is almost 2 times higher than ordinary seedling plantations.

Company provides safe working environment to its employees and has Safety Department so as to train and take care of its employees. Mills is fully equipped with necessary safety equipments. Twelve Safety Circles are actively operating in the Mills.

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